Nathan Hicock

Born: 1726
Loc: Woodbury, CT
Died: Aug 31, 1806
Father: Samuel Hicock
Mother: Ellen Bostwick
Spouse: Eunice Hurd

Children:  Gideon/Nathan/Elisha/Reuben/Rhoda/Annis/Truman/Concurrance/David/Molly

Distibution of Downer and other assts of
Euince Hicox, the widow of Nathan Hicox:
Truman Hicox/son
Heirs of Nathan Hicox/son
Heirs of Reuben Hicox/son
Distribution of the estate of Captain Nathan Hicox,
Washington, Nov. 6, 1807:
Nathan HIcox/son
Russell Hicox/son of Reuben Hicox
Reuben HIcox/son of Reuben Hicox
Serene Grosenover/daughter of Reuben Hicox
Euince Hicox/daughter
Rhoda Clark/daughter
Annis Armstrong/daughter
Concurrence Holister
Molly Clark