Matthias Farnsworth II

Born: Jan 1648/49
Died: 1693

Father: Matthias Farnsworth

He served under Major Willard in King Phillips
 War in 1675, in an expedition to Brookfield
Source: Farnsworth Memorial II Second Edition

Married: Abt. 1681- Spouse: Sarah Nutting

Children: Joseph/Ebenezer/Josiah/Sarah /Matthias
The inventory of his estate was filed November 8, 1693, but the widow did not get her appointment as administratrix until just before her second marriage, five years later, December 6, 1698, and her second husband was one of the sureties on her bond. Matthias Farnsworth seems to have been a man of some ability. He held several town offices at Groton, of which he was one of the proprietors. He served under Major Willard in King Philip's war. He married Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah Nutting. She was born May 29, 1663. Her father was one of the original proprietors of Groton, Massachusetts. She married (second) December 16, 1698, John Stone. Children of Matthias and Sarah Farnsworth: Joseph, born January 17, 1682, died February 2, 1682; Ebenezer, mentioned below; Josiah, February 24, 1687; Sarah, 1688; Matthias, August 6, 1690; Rebecca, doubtless a daughter of Matthias, drowned in a well at Watertown, Massachusetts, May 19, 1692, at her Aunt Thatcher's, where she was sent for safety during the Indian raids
Source: New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Volume IV Page 1181
Farnsworth Memorial II Second Edition:
It is not certain where Matthias Jr. lived but the uniform tradition has been that he built a house and livedin it, about a quarter of a mile southerly from his father's house, on the same side of the way toward "the mill." A Matthias Farnsworth was living there in 1830, and is used to be said that it had been occupied by one of that name from Matthias Farnsworth Jr. down. He probably continued to reside at the place described until his death, which took place in about 1693, as his inventory is dated 8 Nov. 1693 and he must have been dead before that date. His widow Sarah was appointed administatrix of his estate, 6 Dec. 1698. As to the exact time of his death, uncertainty exists. He was alive 17 Mar 1692, when as it appears by the records, he was assigned to the Farnsworth garrison, then organized for the defense against the Indians. His death undoubtedly occurred during those disturbances caused by the Indian wars, perhaps in consequence of them. And it is quite probable that the inventory was made soon after his death, which in that case, occurred not long before 8 Nov 1698. Sarah, his widow, caused the inventory to be made, but she did nothing further with it until 6 Dec. 1698, when she applied for the appointment as administratrix of his estate. She was thereupon appointed, and Deacon Simon Stone and his brother John, to whom she was married ten days later, were the sureties upon her bond.  The settlement of the estate was doubtless made in anticipation of her marriage with John Stone, as the appointment of administatrix was made, the inventory filed, and her final account was presented and allowed, all on the same day. She married John Stone at Concord 16 Dec 1698. Matthias Jr. did not live long enough to display his personal qualities, so that they can be distinguished very clearly, but he held several town offices, and appears to have been a man of ability. He served under Major Willard in King Philip's War in 1675, in an expedition to Brookfield.