Horatio Seymour Brown

Born: 1867
Loc: Rockdale Twp.
Crawford Co. PA
Died:  Oct 29, 1911
Loc:  Niles, Trumbull Co, OH
Bur:  Union Cemetery,
 Niles, Trumbull Co, OH
Occupation: Doctor
Father: Joel Brown
Mother: Sally Ann King
Spouse:  Nellie Owens
1880 Census: Rockdale Twp. Crawford Co. PA
1900 Census: Niles, Trumbull Co. OH
1910 Census:  Niles, Trumbull Co. OH

Accounting of settlement for a minor child filed for Horatio S. Brown by Guardian James Woodside
filed Apr. 7, 1884 in Meadville, Crawford Co. PA.

Rockdale news of Feb. 7, 1899 in the Meadville Messenger
H. Seymour Brown is staying with friends in this vicinity, he having had the misfortune to have all his books, medical instruments and clothing burned at the railroad disaster near Tallmadge. He had just received his medical diploma from a Cincinnati Medical College and was on his way home. He says he shall never forget the heartrending scene where he first used the little medical skill he possessed in trying to assuage the sufferings of the unfortunate victims of the fearful disaster.

Frightful Accident At Grade Crossing
Dr. Horatio S. Brown, Prominent Physician Is Instantly Killed When His Auto Is Struck by Fast Train on the Erie – Death Trap at N. Main St. Has Another Victim – M. Callinan And P. Lynch Saved by Jumping

Dr. H. S. Brown, one of the most prominent and active physicians to the city lost his life in an accident which occurred a the North Main street crossing of the Erie R. R. about 7:30 last evening when his automobile was struck by train No. 16 east bound, and he was hurled high into the air alighting on an embankment about 20 feet from where the engine struck him and his automobile was strewn in pieces for a hundred rods along the side of the track. Matthew Callinan and Patrick Lynch who were riding with him saw the train just after they crossed the B. and O. track and jumped thereby saving their lives. Mr. Callinan was the first to pick himself up and he ran over to the place where he saw that Mr. Brown had been hurled and Ron Lockwood, who was passing at the time also reached the spot, but the unfortunate man was dead when they reached his side. Mr. Lynch who dropped near the target house dragged himself to a place of safety and recovered in a few minutes. The men made an effort to revive the doctor, but they were compelled to call and ambulance and he was removed to Holloways morgue, where it was prepared for removal to the family residence on Park Avenue. The news of the accident spread rapidly throughout the city and North Main street crossing was soon a scene of much curiosity to throngs of people, and a detainel force of officers were placed there to protect the remains of the motor car, where seized upon by people who desired pieces of the wreck. Mr. Brown left his office, which is located in his residence on Park Avenue about 6 o’clock to go to the Warren City Hospital to visit a patient. When he reached the Main Street corner, he met Mr. Callinan and Mr. Lynch and persuaded them to ride with him. They started up North Main street at a moderate rate of speed and did not see the approaching train on account of a string of box cars which were standing on the B. & B. track, shutting off the view to the Erie R. R. entirely. The young men saw the train first and called to Mr. Brown to jump. They jumped themselves and saw him in an effort to turn on the emergency brake but the train was upon him and his body was crushed in the impact between the steering wheel and the side of the car. The distance between the two tracks is about thirty feet and the men were fortunate enough to leap for their lives believe that they were not ten feet from the Erie crossing when they saw the train. The impact against the side of the victim was so great that the case of his watch was driven into the works, and it stopped at 6:34. The ribs were crushed in and the side of the abdomen were badly bruised. A gash eighteen inches long was cut into the left thigh, and one blow behind the left ear at the base of the brain together with a few scratches were all of the indications of the accident on the head and face. Death is thought to have resulted from the pressure on the left side by the steering wheel. The accident is one of most deplorable what has occurred in Niles for many years, and the subject of which exists to life and limb at this crossing is the subject of general conversation in the city today.

Horatio Seymour Brown was born in Cambridge Springs, Pa., November 27, 1886. He received his early education in the schools of that that place and later entered Cincinnati Eclectic Institute and took a course in the Cincinnati Medical School. He was of the alopathic school , and commenced his practice in Conneaut, O., after his graduation when residing in Conneaut he was married to Miss. Owen of Sharon. Nineteen years ago they came to Niles to take up residence and in a very short time he had established a remunerative practice --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Into the industrial interest of the city and always responded to any call for charity or assistance in any form. He was of the most generous disposition and him made many lasting friends here who deeply regret his early demise, and messages of sympathy and condolence have poured into the bereaved widow since early this morning. Fraternally, he was associated with the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of Warren and with Niles Camp No. 5076,, Modern Wood-men of America. He was one of the charter members of the board of trade and has worked indefatigably in it’s interest in establishing new industries in the city. He was one of the stockholders of the DeForest Sheet & Tinplate Co. and of the Basic Steel Co., and has assisted in many other enterprises for the betterment of the city. In his death Niles loses a generous and progressive citizen and the Trumbull County Medical Association loses one of it’s most successful members. He is survived by his wife and the following brothers and sisters, Dr. Dean Brown of Erie, Pa., Dr. Abner Brown of Westfield , N.Y., Packer Brown of Oklahoma; Joel Brown of Cambridge Springs; Charles Brown and Mrs. Homer Burton of Mill Village, Pa.
Funeral services will be held from the family residence, Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 with Rev. C. W. Danford and Rev. E. E. Whittaker officiating. Interment will be made in Union Cemetery.

Vital Records: Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929
Died: Oct 29, 1911 in: Niles, OH
Born: 1867
Type of practice: Eclectic
State/year of licenses: OH, 1896
Medical school: Eclectic Medical College: Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, 1889, (G)
Journal of the American Medical Association citation: 57:1852
Cause of demise: accident, automobile, train