Jacob Weatherwax/Wetherwax
Born: 28 Jun 1743
Loc: Dutchess Co., NY
Died: 15 Sep 1822
Loc: Shelby, Orleans Co., NY
Bur: Old West Shelby Cemetery
Christening: 27 Jul 1743 Athens Luth Ch,
Queensbury, Columbia, NY
Father: John Andreas Widerwachs
Mother: Jo Anna Edeli
Married: Abt. 1770
Catherina Grauberger
Both the Weatherwax and Grauberger families were Palentines.
Children: Catherine/Andries/Henry/Margaret/Thomas/Anna/Jacob/Johannes/David
1800 Census: Pittstown, Rensselaer Co, NY
1810 Census: Pittstown, Rensselaer Co, NY
1820 Census for Shelby, Genesee Co, NY
North part of lots 22 and 25 - 100 acres were articled to Nicholas Smith, Sept. 28, 1811 and deeded to Jacob Weatherwax Sept. 29, 1819.

Lot 26, 338 acres were articles to Josha Park, June 18, 1810. The north end part of this, 288 acres were articled to David Weatherwax, June 19, 1820 and on the same day 50 acres were transferred to Jacob Weatherwax.

In 1811 David, Jacob and Thomas Weatherwax purchased some of the lands that had been taken up here, and from them the place was known as Weatherwax Corners.
Source: Landmarks of Orleans County, New York - Town of Shelby


In the name of God, amen. I Jacob Weatherwax of the town of Shelby, county of Genesse and state of New York ,being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given to God calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed

For all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Cathy, Four Hundred dollars and also the use and occupation of my real and personal estate during her natural life, and at her decease my personal estate to be equally divided between my for sons, excepting my household furniture which is to be equally divided between my three daughters, except my wearing apparel which is to be equally divided between my four sons. I further give and bequeath onto my grandson Christopher Weatherwax, my farm on which I now live

Who shall come into possession of the same at the decease of my wife, and I further give

And bequeath unto my daughter Caty Duryee Two Hundred and Twenty four dollars. And I hereby direct and order the above Six Hundred and twenty four dollars be paid out of my estate by my executor Jacob Weatherwax and David Weatherwax my sons, whom I hereby constitute and appoint the sole executors of this my last Will and Testament, and hereby revoke all former Wills by me made and executed ,declaring this and no other to be my last Will and Testament.

And I do hereby release each and everyone of my children from the payment of all moneys to them advanced as their part or portion of my estate. In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty third day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight Hundred and twenty two.

Signed, sealed, published & declared as Jacob Weatherwax by said Jacob Weatherwax to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as witness in the presence of the testator:

David Burroughs
Adam Garber
Thomas Weatherwax

1822 March 22-Memorandum of money advanced to my children and what they are yet to receive, and pay back-

Andrew Weatherwax has recd- $1517.
Is to pay back 117.
Henry Weatherwax has recíd 1388
Is to receive 12.
Margaret Mehel has recíd 900.
Hannah Demaray has recíd 900.
Jacob Weatherwax has recíd 1500.
David Weatherwax has recíd 1500.
Caty Duryee has recíd 676.
Is to receive 224.
My Wife is to receive $ 400.
To be paid by Andrew: 117.


Genessee County. Be it remembered that on the eleventh day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and twenty two, personally came and appeared before me: Ebenezer Mix ,Surrogate of the County of Genessee: Adam Garber and Thomas Weatherwax , who being duly sworn, declared that they saw Jacob Weatherwax sign and seal the preceding instrument purported to be the last Will and Testament of the said Jacob Weatherwax, bearing the date the twenty third day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty two, and heard him publish and declare the same as his last.

Notes: In 1824, Orleans County was created from part of Genesee County, therefore Jacobís will is listed as being in Genesee County and he and his wife Catherina technically died in Genesee County, NY not Orleans, but since that is the current name for the area I will used Orleans County.

Old West Shelby Cemetery Transcription:
Town of Shelby, Orleans County, New York