Walter Fairfield II
Born: 13 Apr 1672
Loc: Wenham, Essex Co., MA
Died: 26 Aug 1756
Loc: Belchertown, Hampshire Co., MA
Known as Ensign Walter Fairfield
Father: Walter Fairfield I
Mother: Sarah Skipper
Married: 09 Oct 1708
Ipswich, Essex Co., MA
Judith Wood,
daughter of Samuel Wood and Judith
Children: Walter/Sarah/Stephen/Joseph/Mary/Abigail
Walter Fairfield - Wenham
Freeman 1690
... the Hon. William Fairfield, was, for many years, a useful and highly respected citizen. In 1723, he was chosen to represent the town in the Legislature, to which he was again chosen in 1732, and continued to be re-elected, as it is stated in the records, "by a great majority," ten times in succession, until his death. Nor were his talents appreciated only by his own townsmen. He was chosen Speaker of the House of Representatives, the highest office then in the gift of the people. The Governor and Deputy-Governor was then appointed in England. For many years no name is more conspicuous upon the town records. He appears to have been one of those shrewd, clear-headed, practical men, whose minds are formed and trained by reflection and experience, rather then by a knowledge of books, or by intercourse with the world. He held, at different times, every office in the gift of the people of his native town and State, and in all, he gained confidence of those whom he was called to serve. He was also an active member of the church, and for many years one its deacons.

We regret that so little can now be ascertained concerning Mr. Fairfield. An anecdote is still told of him, which is quite characteristic. The common mode of traveling in those days was on horseback. Setting out to attend a session of the Legislature, he became so absorbed in thinking of the business on which they were to enter, and upon which his duties as Speaker, that he is said to have actually reached Boston, bridle in hand, before discovering that he had left his horse at home.
Source: the History of Wenham