Nathaniel Morton

Born: 1613
Loc: Leyden, Holland
Died: June 29, 1685
Loc: Plymouth, MA
Bur: Unknown
Father: George Morton
Mother: Juliana Carpenter
Married: 1635
Spouse: Lydia Cooper
Children:  Remember/Mercy/Elizabeth/Joanna/Hannah/Eliezer (died young)/Nathaniel (died young)

Married 2nd Ann Pritchard, daughter of Richard Pritchard, she was the widow of Richard Templar.

1. Came to Plymouth, MA with his family in 1623 on the ship Ann.
2. Made Freeman in the year 1635
3. Secretary of the Colony from 1645 – 1685
4. Wrote the "First Beginnings and After Progress of the Church of Christ at Plymouth, in New England,"
5. Wrote "New England’s Memorial" first published in Cambridge in 1669