Archibald Whitford

Born: Aug 1805
Loc:  NY
Died: July 24, 1880
Bur:  Christ Church Cemetery,
Sherburne, Chenango Co, NY
Occupation: Merchant
Father: John Whitford
Mother: Lucinda Huntley
Spouse: Nancy E. Furman

Children: Esther/James/Harriett

1869-70 Sherburne Business Directory - Whitford, Archibald (Sherburne) Grocer
1840 Census Sherburne Chenango Co. NY
1850 Census: Sherburne, Chenango Co. NY
1870 Census: Sherburne, Chenango Co. NY
1880 Census: Sherburne, Chenango Co. NY
Archibald Whitford, dealer in drugs and groceries, commenced the shoe making and harness business in 1828, in company with Jesse Burlingham, with whom he continued some five years. He then formed a copartnership with John Curtis and added tanning to the business. A few years later he started a grocery and about two years later formed a copartnership with Thomas A. Fuller in the drug and grocery business, continuing some three years.
The following list of the officers of the town of Sherburne, for the year 1880-'81, was kindly furnished
by Robert A. Kutschbach:--
Constables--M. Graham Dietz, Stephen Benedict, J. Sheffield Smith, James Foster. Archibald Whitford.
Collector--Archibald Whitford.
Source: History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York

Christ Church Cemetery Transcription:
Whitford, Archibald - July 24, 1880 - age 74 yr. 11 mo.
(Whitford), Nancy E. Furman, his wife - 1808 - 1896