John Nutting

Born: 1620-1625
Loc: England
Died: Mar 13, 1675/76
Loc: Groton, Middlesex Co. MA
Married: Aug 28, 1650
Spouse: Sarah Eggleston,
daughter of Stephen Eggleston
Children: John Jr./James/Mary/Josiah/Sarah/Ebenezer/Jonathan

Farnsworth Memorial II Second Edition:
It is said his house was a fortified garrison, to which people might go to in times of danger from the Indians. Groton was on the frontier at that time and the danger was real. The house was perhaps built like a blockhouse with projecting upper story, loopholes in the walls for musketry, and a stockade about it. John Nutting would be obliged to defend the house in case of attack. It was this obligation that led to his death. The Indian war known as King Philips War began in the early spring of 1676, after long preliminary warnings. Trouble began at Groton, March 2, 1676. On March 13 a force of four hundred Indians attacked Groton by stealth, as was their habit. Nutting's house and others were captured and John Nutting was shot to death in its defense. It is said that his head was severed and put upon a pole. The women and children escaped to Parkers house, not far away.
Nutting's wife and children escaped with others later to the safer settlements.

First Settlers of New England:
Freeman - 1660
Was a petitioner for the grant of Chelmsford in 1653

John Nutting was an original proprietor of Groton and owned a 17 acre right.

The first official record we have of John Nutting
is his marriage to Sarah Eggleston made by the Town Clerk of Woburn, MA 28 Aug 1650

He was elected Selectman at Groton, MA Nov 1663