Abigail Nason

Born: Abt 1776
Loc: York Co. Maine
Died: Abt. 1862
Loc: Prob. Erie Co. PA
Father: William Nason
Spouse: Francis Perry Jr.
Children: Charlotte/Sally/Betsy/Polly/Abram/Susan/Truman/Giles/Lydia/Roxey/Adaline/Nancy/Frank
Some researchers give the info that she died in the year 1862 in Union City, Erie Co. PA.
In a letter written by her granddaughter Abigail, she says that she took her daughter Emma to visit Abigail in the fall of 1861 and that a year or two later she passed away. Putting her death at about 1862 confirming the approximate date above.
1850 Census:  Waterford Twp. Erie Co. PA
1860 Census:  Waterford Twp. Erie Co. PA